Tokyo Big Sight 3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition 2017

The SHERPA VR exhibition booth ended in great success.



Visitors were twice in Comparision to Last Year. 

The number of visitors to the "SHERPA VR booth" was twice in Comparision to last year which exceeded the expectation.
Especially, the training equipment which incorporates the VR and the IoT sensor was very popular. I also got a lot of TV interviews and I felt the direction and possibilities of VR content using the future IoT sensor.
Of course, Our best real architecture VR content are also Popular . Contents with significantly improved quality than last year are also very popular.
Visitors were surprised on knowing about "SHERPA CG" who where misunderstood with the real images.
Moreover, for the first time we announced AR service "dreamAR" at the exhibition. We received a lot of consultations from various fields. A lot of ideas could be obtained for the real service of the AR business, and all the exhibits became a very successful exhibition.

More than 1,500 people experienced "SHERPA VR" in 3 days.
IoT sensor was attached to training machines like : running machine, aero bike, stepper,etc.
Lot of visitors experienced our new service.
There were strong men who enjoyed all the equipment! (^ ^)! In this exhibition we used IoT sensors in lots of training machines to experience VR.
Besides training it is possible to apply the system combining VR and IoT sensors to various fields.
If you are interested in AR, VR and IoT sensor please feel free to contact us.

In this Exhibition we used Arduino and light sensors . We detected the movement by the change of brightness and developed it by the method to reflect on movement of VR scene. We also completed the sensor BOX using our own 3D printer.
Corresponding sensors can be combined with various sensors such as acceleration, gyro, color sensor, magnetic sensor ultrasonic sensor, temperature humidity sensor, RGB sensor, pulse sensor, GPS, KINECT, LEAPMOTION etc.
Moreover, it is possible to propose information such as AI, DEEPLEARNING, analysis, marketing etc. by accumulating information in the cloud.

SHERPA VR 2017 Exhibition content gallery

Training VR start screen (Compatible with VR & training IoT)

Future city scene (Compatible with VR & training IoT)

Future planet development scene (Compatible with VR & training IoT)

Underwater ancient city scene (Compatible with VR & training IoT)

Natural scene-Beautiful Forest & Mountain (VR & training IoT correspondence)

Real Mansion VR (Game Controller Supported)

dream AR ( compatibility with Google Tango and Apple ARKit )



We will continue research and development. "SHERPA VR" will be the year of AI in 2018.
Research and development are underway to create content and mechanisms that combine AI(Artificial Intelligence) and VR/AR/MR, which are the major technology.

SHERPA VR 2018 = (VR / AR / MR + IoT + AI)

SHERPA VR, always beyond your expectation with unstoppable evolution.