"Sherpa VR" aiming  No.1 company in the field of creating Photo realistic high quality 3D, VR/AR/MR contents.

SHERPA VR is the service of making content including 3D VR, AR, and MR by using Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and other game software with a high level of 3D CG creating skill.
In addition, we have achieved overwhelming advantage and cost performance with value added services not found in other companies such as VR controller using IoT sensor.
Please try our content-creating service and feel the presence of a high-quality 3D virtual reality world.

Features of SHERPA VR

SHERPA VR is not only realistic 3D,VR content production company using Unreal Engine 4, Unity and other game development engines but also adds 3D simulation function, multi OS, 3D experience with latest web browser, controller development for VR contents, etc
It is possible to add various functions that can be realized with the Game development engine.

3DVR Simulation

Implementation of various simulation function which makes the use of color, light, object etc is possible.

VR Compatible

We present to you original IoT Sensor from existing controller idea that corresponds your VR/AR/MR contents.

Multi Platform

It supports almost all devices and OS like IOS,MacOS,Android,Linux etc.

Web Browser

Experience real 3D with HTML5 and latest browser without using Plugins.


Gallery below is a static images cut out from real time 3DVR.
Actually, you can freely move around in these scenes with the use of Oculus Rift and HTC vive, Samsung VR, Gear VR, supports Android and IOS etc.

sherpavrlogo_20160616114205191.png 01.jpg 01_20170729153807437.jpg 05.jpg 07.jpg 14.jpg highresscreenshot00015.jpg highresscreenshot00007.jpg 10.jpg 745187b7.jpg 94389d69.jpg iso1.jpg iso2.jpg ^858c7daf4487896667e01db7750d547da312dfab7404c086af^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg 05.jpg 987e46f6.jpg 03.jpg d42a9f54.jpg


Service Plan


Price depends upon the project type and online price.
In the case of request we will send you the documents. We will send you the final quotation after the final meeting.


Light Plan

It is a plan that you can use with ease at a low price.
Why don't you try simple 3D scenes ,objects, first with SHERPA VR content?
You can use this plan for presentation, product introduction, building interior, shape confirmation
of 3D Data etc. We also change your 3D data into"SHERPA VR" as per your request.

Price : 300,000 yen~

Standard Plan

High quality 3DVR content production is feasible in this price plan.
Make sure to confirm our quality , price, speed, which aimed to be No.1 Company in VR content production.
We provide more value-added functions such as color changing, object changing, color simulation, animation etc.

Price : 600,000yen~

Premium Plan

It is a plan that corresponds to every genre with high quality.
We will propose the best plan using all functions of SHERPA VR according to the customer's request. It is also possible to implement various options such as color change, object change, color simulation etc.

Price : 1,200,000yen~

Sherpa's ICT Solutions
We will do our best to solve your problems.


A completely new ICT system focusing on inquiry handling, customer management, and collaboration functions that are required to improve the work efficiency of small businesses to Iarge enterprises. 


Chomolungma Co., Ltd. is a professional group that aims to provide valuable services exploiting 3DCG · XR (VR / AR / MR) AI · IoT · IT technologies,necessary for every company nowadays.

SHERPA VR new service "dreamAR" is a next generation markerless AR production service using google TANGO technology! We also corresponded to topic Apple "ARKit"!
SHERPA VR also supports AR content creation.


The SHERPA VR new service "VR ∞ IoT" is a service that can be used in a various field combining SHERPA VR's real 3DVR and the latest IoT sensor.
It corresponds from various VR controller production to system development.

Latest Information

We exhibited at 3D & Virtual Reality exhibition 2017!

The new service of the Sherpa Co.,Ltd. “SHERPA VR” exhibited at the 3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition at
Tokyo Big Sight on June 21st~23rd.
Please see the news article" Exhibition News" below for more details.

April 1: 3D and Virtual Reality exhibition "SHERPA VR exhibition" Decided.
April 1 SHERPA VR will be exhibiting at the 3D & Virtual Reality exhibition 2017 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

April 10: New service "dreamAR" markerless Next generation AR / MR content production service, prototype application display

April 10: New VR content service of "SHERPA VR" with IoT sensor service that reflects information from the IoT sensor in a real VR space and enables a more realistic experience.

April 10: VR content DEMO for condominium sales will also be exhibited. You can move freely around the condominium appearance, interior appearance that increased realism more than last time.

3D & Virtual Reality exhibition "SHERPA VR exhibition" decided.
16, 2016: SHERPA VR will participate in 3D & Virtual Reality exhibition to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

June 16, 2016: New service "SHERPA VR" 3DVR original content.
3DV & original reality exhibition 3DVR original content under construction

June 16, 2016: New service "SHERPA VR" 3DVR original content.
Original control frame 'skywalker' under development for 3D & virtual reality exhibition.

June 16, 2016: Today "SHERPA VR" production special site sherpa-vr.jp was officially released.

Access / Address


Official HP : http://sherpa-cg.com/
〒810-0042 Fukuokaken Fukuokashi Chuouku Akasaka
1 chome 13-10 Akasaka Yuraku building 7F
Tel : +81-92-717-6800